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Varun 2 years and 9 months ago
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The first 'Explore' feature of Disqovery has gone online. This is huge. For real.

Remember how last week I mentioned how Disqovery is using some powerful new statistics? Now we're putting your information to work, for you.

tl;dr: When you look at your job check-ins or click on the 'Explore' tab of the Disqovery app we'll show you a few learning opportunities to help you learn more about the things that you love to do.

Putting your data to work

Job check-ins are a vital source of reflection and understanding that allows you (and us) to figure out what really matters to you, and our users are clamoring for a way to turn that into something concrete. What's the point of using an app for self-development if it can't actually make concrete recommendations on next steps, right? That's why I'm proud to announce that Disqovery now provides its first 'Explore' experiences for our users.

How it works

As you do more check-ins, we're going to offer higher-confidence results of what you like, and what you don't like. For what you like, we connect into a database with many online/in-person training opportunities. These come from online courses, universities, and certification-providers. We prioritize opportunities related to what you love the most, and the results that we're most confident about. Recommendations come courtesy of another amazing startup, SlideRule. These folks rock real hard, and all of our course links will take you to them for more information.

How it can help

[caption id="attachment_400" align="alignnone" width="625"]I've been pretty impressed with the quality of course recommendations we've been pulling out thanks to our partner. I've been pretty impressed with the quality of course recommendations we've been pulling out thanks to our partner.[/caption]

When it comes to your career path, developing skills is critical to your growth. Skills are typically developed one of four ways: on the job, through a mentor, through self-study, and through outside study. All four are important, of course, and Disqovery today can now offer you connections for the latter two.

Room for improvement

Just like you always have room to hone your craft and improve yourself, even Disqovery has room for improvement, especially with this feature. Expect to see frequent updates as we fiddle, tweak, and enhance our capabilities. All in the name of better serving you, our incredible users.

Read more about the basics of job check-ins here.

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