February with Disqovery

Varun 3 years and 9 months ago
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Our focus for this February's update has been user feedback. Here are some specific things we've heard from you, our loyal beta users, and what we've done about it so far:

Why ask me about people I hardly know? We've heard a lot of this from our users, and we finally have a solution that should be pretty robust! On every social question you'll be able to click a little 'x' above someone's name. We won't ask you any questions about that person ever again. We plan to keep improving how this works with time and more feedback.

[caption id="attachment_297" align="alignnone" width="220"]Who the heck is this Varun guy, anyway? Who the heck is this Varun guy, anyway?[/caption]

What are all these social questions for? The Disqovery social questions are very much a work in progress, but the idea behind them is simple: answer questions about your friends, and spread the love. When your friends join Disqovery they'll see compliments on different aspect of their personality. To be clear: only compliments are shared, you can never say anything bad about anyone else on Disqovery. There is a little more information on this subject available on our privacy page. The social notification system is offline (for now) while we do some redesign work, but it will be back.

Job check-ins are all right, but it's annoying how frequent they are. Yeah we felt the same way about them being daily, so we've tweaked things to make them once every couple of days. It might take a little longer to start identifying trends, but it should be a more enjoyable experience. Oh, and you can (finally) change your job.

XYZ feature has a graphical or text glitch. We've fixed a bunch of little presentation errors, and have also begun an exhaustive sweep of our content for typos and other errors. Hooray.

So, check it out, and keep sharing your feedback with us.

Let's go!